Benchmark Monitoring Capabilities

The Benchmark Monitoring multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled professionals offers a fusion of both environmental and engineering skill sets to provide complete environmental monitoring services

Employment of best practice instruments, engineering of tailored solutions and rigorous maintenance ensures ongoing high measurement quality is achieved and the highest level of valid data is available to our  clients.  Our systems function as autonomous platforms for collection of a wide range of environmental data components which are customised to client needs. Our pursuit of engineering excellence in design delivers systems that can operate under extreme environmental conditions with reliability and certainty of measurement.

Benchmark Monitoring offer best practice airquality monitoring solutions.  Our complete air quality monitoring services, including ambient and continuous  emissions  monitoring,  are  performed  in  accordance with standards and guidelines to meet regulatory requirements.





Benchmark Monitoring provides bespoke real-time noise monitoring systems developed with a focus on long-term environmental compliance applications and industrial noise policy needs.Including both omni and directional noise monitoring solutions designed for two specific streams; event based monitoring for applications such as rail, road or heavy industry noise episodes and long-term background monitoring. Our systems have process engines and web based data portals that are fully customizable to meet clients specific noise monitoring needs.




The Kaboom system offers a turnkey air blast and vibration monitoring solution in accordance with AS2187.2 -2006. Kaboom continuously measures the vibration and air blast at a high sampling frequency.

Employing the latest data acquisition technology, on board digital processing and wireless communications Kaboom provides superior measurement resolution and data quality over conventional hardware. Each Kaboom field monitoring unit provides event data that is transmitted via a private Telstra VPN data link to the Benchmark web portal that can be accessed remotely via the web.




Benchmark Monitoring water level and water quality monitoring stations are constructed to meet environmental monitoring industry standards.  





Benchmark Monitoring meteorological monitoring solutions offer flexibility of design and engineering excellence to meet client and regulatory requirements.





Benchmark Monitoring provide project services for all aspects of environmental monitoring, including complete project management, from conception through to ongoing operation and maintenance of monitoring programs and data services.