Blast Monitoring Services and Solutions

 Benchmark Monitoring Blast monitoring services include the Kaboom blast monitoring system, blast fume monitoring and blast permissions tool.  

Kaboom real time air blast and vibration monitoring

Bespoke fully automated real-time blast monitoring solution

Benchmark Monitoring have developed Kaboom for compliance monitoring of air blast and vibration for the mining and construction industries - Brochure.

 The Kaboom blast monitoring system offers the following key features:

  • Digital processing of signal conducted close to detector resulting in low signal to noise for both air blast and vibration measurements
  • High resolution vibration and air blast measurement conducted at 900 or 1800 samples per second
  • Vibration and air blast measurement frequency response range 2 to 250 Hz
  • Automatic triggering using proximity or threshold criteria
  • Simultaneous auto-upload of triggered blast event data to data hub 
  • Event summary sent by SMS/email notification 
  • Customisable web portal allowing access to in tabulated and graphical format and ease of evaluation against regulatory compliance criteria
  • Ability to interrogate historical data
  • Expandable memory
  • Solar powered with advanced power management to enable 5 days of operation without sunlight
  • Blast monitoring network status alarming 
  • Portable or static blast monitor format designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment

Blast Fume Monitoring

Integrated blast fume monitoring

Benchmark Monitoring offer an integrated Blast Fume monitoring solution combining the Kaboom monitoring network with realtime monitoring using AQmesh or DUVAS instruments according to project requirements.

Blasting permissions software

Blast Permissions Software

The Blast Permissions Tool uses real time high frequency site meteorological data combined with a set of site specific user defined rules to inform mine site staff of the suitability of the current meteorology for blasting operations