AE33 Accessories

  • The neutral density optical filter validation kit is available for validation of readings across the range of optical absorbtions used by the Aethalometer.  The optical filter kit uses precision optically absorbing glass whose optical density is traceable back to primary photometric standards.  See brochure and video from Magee for more information
  • The ambient meteorological sensor is a non aspirated unit which measures air temperature, relative humidity and barometeric pressure.
  • The CO2 sensor measures the CO2 in the discharged air stream to enable analysis of the relationship between CO2 and black carbon.
  • The aerosol inlet dryer removes water vapour from a sample stream by diffuion through a Nafion® memebrane.  The dryer was designed specifically for the AE33 but is suitable for water vapour removal from a sample stream for any analytical purpose.  Further information may be found in the  Aerosol Inlet Dryer brochure