Wireless Measurement Network

Telemetry, wireless communications network solutions, scada integration

Benchmark Monitoring embraces the latest technology in telecommunication solutions

  • The Benchmark Monitoring wireless network solution couples the Telstra IPWAN solution and wireless 4G and 3G
  • This network is supported by Telstra corporate APN


Private and secure data management and access

  • Wireless virtual area measurement network solution delivers real-time data transfer, audio file streaming and image streaming
  • Secure web portal and web pages create an environmental management tool for compliance monitoring for heavy industries such as mining and power generation customers
  • Clients may remotely access data on the "measurement network" whether at the office or on a smartphone
  • Data accessible from measurement network via secure protocols such as SFTP, SMTP and RTMP
  • Benchmark can provide a secure VPN for hosting of third party devices


Data Logger Web Page Hosting Solutions

  • Benchmark's Measurement Network has been integrated advanced data logging platforms which can function as a dedicated HTTP servers capable of hosting web pages
  • The web pages hosted on the data logger enable direct access to real-time from PC or smart phone