Water Monitoring

Water quality monitoring, water discharge monitoring, water sampling
Water quality monitoring, water discharge monitoring

Provision of a wide range of hydrological monitoring solutions

Benchmark Monitoring water level and water quality monitoring stations are constructed to meet environmental monitoring industry standards. Our systems function as autonomous platforms for collection of a wide range of environmental data components which are customised to client needs. Our pursuit of engineering excellence in design delivers systems that can operate under extreme environmental conditions with reliability and certainty of measurement.

Water Monitoring System Components

  • RTU, PLC or data loggers with specific communication interfaces to transducers and sensors. Our acquisition system can be customized to provide data increments which can then be used to provide data reporting, alarming, webpage services, FTP and to control remote sites over telemetry.
  • Power management systems for all monitoring conditions including standalone renewable energy solutions or mains powered and redundant failover systems (UPS).
  • Calculated channels developed for flow, volume, totalize and control values, whether the need is for polynomial function, accumulative results, or logical statements required.
  • The ability to implement smart sensors, robust data acquisition systems and adaptive networking solutions, allowing for endless configuration options for future development and scope expansion.


Water Monitoring Systems Application

  •  Water level, velocity, pressure, flow, temperature, water quality, rainfall and gas monitoring.
  • Automatic water samplers with event activated measurements that may be linked to alarm and SMS services for field staff intervention.
  •  Water quality monitoring systems designed for research, manufacturing industry, waste and mining applications.