Air quality monitoring, air pollution monitoring, ambient monitoring, real time air quality monitoring
Ambient air quality, industrial site air quality monitoring

Complete air quality monitoring services including ambient and continuous emissions monitoring systems

Benchmark Monitoring offer best practice air quality monitoring solutions.  Ambient monitoring and continuous emissions monitoring are performed in accordance with standards and guidelines to meet regulatory requirements.

Our air quality services include applications such as:

  • Baseline air quality monitoring to determine existing air pollution levels for environemtal approvals for proposed future developments
  • Ambient and emissions monitoring at existing facilities for compliance and environmental management purposes
  •  Identification of constituents and source apportionment of air emissions.


Focus on accuracy and certainty of measurement

Employment of best practice instruments, engineering of solutions and ongoing maintenance and to ensure ongoing high measurement quality is achieved and the highest level of valid data is available to our clients.

Complete air quality monitoring project services

Air Quality project services include:

  • Design and site selection for single monitoring stations and air quality monitoring networks (AQMN)
  • Selection of the right technology to achieve the required measurement accuracy, maximize data capture and maintain traceability based on an understanding of the measurement environment, process and operational conditions.
  • Engineering of the complete measurement system according to site requirements including housing, power, measurement, data logging and telemetry components.
  • Exceedance alarm systems via SMS and email.
  • Specialised industrial communication solutions, for ease of integration with SCADA and DCS applications.
  • Quality assurance and asset management systems.
  • Data validation, reporting and secure client portals for real time data access.
  • Provision of technical training for Client in both system operation and compliance with standards.
  • Maintenance and service contracts offering reliable and prompt, high quality field service and technical support compliant with Australian requirements.