Environmental Noise Monitoring services and solutions

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Noise monitoring, process noise monitoring, rail noise monitoring, traffic noise monitoring, construction noise monitoring

Benchmark Monitoring noise monitoring services include provision of bespoke real-time noise monitoring systems developed with a focus on long-term environmental compliance applications and industrial noise policy needs.

The Benchmark systems include both omni and directional noise monitoring solutions.  We have designed systems for two specific streams; event based monitoring for applications such as rail, road or heavy industry noise episodes and long-term background noise monitoring. 

Our systems have process engines and web based data portals that are fully customizable to meet your specific noise monitoring needs.

 Our noise monitoring solutions offer the following key features:

  • In-built noise processing engines designed on robust industrial platform ensuring expandable processing to enable multiple complex on-board data processing of audio signal and noise metrics
  • Customized frequency filtering to allow characterisation of noise sources.
  • Charge injection calibration options for daily precision checks
  • 1/3 octave real-time measurement.
  • Wide range of programmable noise metrics, statistical and measurement setting available
  • High resolution WAV and compressed mp3 audio formats available.
  • Data compression engine, for transmission and streaming over cellular networks.
  • Real-time audio streaming from the field device to your handheld device of choice.
  • Automated field data backup and redundant cloud storage available.
  • Web portal interface providing graphical, reporting and audio streaming functions
  • Integrated threshold triggering and alarm systems providing an invaluable environmental management tool.
  • Integrated video and vibration capture for event based monitoring.
  • Integrate meteorological measurements
  • Integrated I/O ability for third party control signals
  • Industrial communication protocols for SCADA integration


Systems can be supplied in static noise monitor or portable noise monitor format
 For further information please see the Noisehound webpage and Brochure 

Our systems are suitable a variety of applications including:

  • Ambient noise monitoring
  • Background noise monitoring
  • Process noise monitoring
  • Rail noise monitoring
  • Traffic noise monitoring