Environmental Data Reporting

Data reporting services

Tailored automated graphical reporting

Benchmark Monitoring can provide automated data and graphical reporting, delivered via email, tailored to meet client requirements.  Reporting can include evaluation of collected data against regulatory criteria.

Validation of data

Data validation can be automated via a ‘valid range’ approach as well as application of more sophisticated screening of the data to evaluate trends and agreement with data collected at other nearby monitoring sites.

Automated data feeds

Benchmark Monitoring offer the following data delivery services:

  • Automated re-processing of monitoring site data to enable electronic delivery of data in required format for automated upload to client databases.
  •  Data files transferred direct from site to Client via FTP.
  • Direct data feeds integrated into SCADA or DCS applications


Client portals for data access 

Benchmark monitoring use tailored client portals to enable ease of access to data and swift evaluation. Data hosting options include Vista Data Vision environmental data management system (VDV) allowing comprehensive visualisation options via secure web based interface.