Blast Monitoring Kaboom



Benchmark Monitoring have developed a fully automated real-time blast monitoring solution for compliance monitoring of air blast and vibration for the mining and construction industries - Brochure.

 The Kaboom blast monitoring system offers the following key features:

  • Digital processing of signal conducted close to detector resulting in low signal to noise for both air blast and vibration measurements
  • High resolution vibration and air blast measurement conducted at 900 or 1800 samples per second
  • Vibration and air blast measurement frequency response range 2 to 250 Hz
  • Automatic triggering using proximity or threshold criteria
  • Simultaneous auto-upload of triggered blast event data to data hub 
  • Event summary sent by SMS/email notification 
  • Customisable web portal allowing access to in tabulated and graphical format and ease of evaluation against regulatory compliance criteria
  • Ability to interrogate historical data
  • Expandable memory
  • Solar powered with advanced power management to enable 5 days of operation without sunlight
  • Blast monitoring network status alarming 
  • Portable or static blast monitor format designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment